We develop vision, strategy, and innovation mainly across the energy, water and rail industries.

We can work with you to develop a vision that integrates with your existing business. Some of the many services that we can tailor for you include:

Visioning: Development of a compelling vision and strategy.

Challenge and Review: Robust confidential discussions for senior executives, exploring the value of  future opportunities, options, products and markets.

Foundry:  Idea generation with a proven methodology to develop innovation development programmes focused on business needs and objectives.

Roadmapping: A proven methodology to set out clear co-ordinated programmes that deliver business needs and objectives.

Decide:Decision analysis and simulation of strategic investments and business processes to maximise value.

Collaboration: Bringing together organisations selected for their ambition, experience and skill to undertake collaborative development programmes.

Funding: Management and production of bids for project funding support to a wide range of UK funding agencies.

Programme Management: Comprehensive innovation programme management with on-line reporting and real added value from an experienced team.

Projects: Development and management of innovation projects from concept to post-investment review.

Change: Practical help with change management; taking ideas through from concept to final implementation.